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We offer electrician services in the city of Murrieta call us for a free estimate.
Free estimates
We do free estimates for a wide variety of electrical jobs for your home.
Our licensed electricians will help you with any electrical problem in your home or business and they offer discounts for seniors.
Senior Discounts
We offer discounts on our services for seniors on all our electrical services.

Same day electrical emergency service

Our team of local electricians provide you with same day emergency service.

We are electrical contractors committed to the safety and well-being of our clients.

Best electrician services in Murrieta

At Power Man Electric we offer a professional electrical maintenance, installation and repair service for the home.

Tell us how we can help you with residential electrical problems.

We fix short circuits

Don't wait any longer! Our electrical company guarantees to resolve your short circuit issues so that you can rest easy without worry of a fire.

Most common electrical services

We provide security and confidence in each service we do.

Rewiring your home can help prevent fires, add value to your home, and improve electrical performance.
Recessed lights
Recessed lights are a type of lighting fixture installed into the ceiling or wall. They're great for giving your home a cleaner look.
We install and repair switches in your home to avoid accidents and improve the appearance of your home.
Panel upgrades
We upgrade energy panels to improve their performance that will optimize your home with clean energy.

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